The Basque Experience

Sagardi Cocineros Vascos is the epitome of an authentic Basque experience. Quality is everything: every Basque has their opinion on where to find the best cheese, seafood, and txuleton. We serve the best cuts of txuleton red meat, fresh wild seafood, and vegetables from our own gardens, thanks to the great products of the Basque Country and the knowledge of our Basque ancestors. We offer a wide selection of drinks, including over 150 wine labels and even a natural cider in the style of Gipuzkoa.

Our Roots

The dream of brothers Iñaki and Mikel López de Viñaspre became a reality when they opened their first Sagardi restaurant in Barcelona, Spain, over twenty-five years ago. It has since expanded to 5 countries and 8 cities due to its great reputation and success.


For over 25 years, we have worked to recover the flavors of authentic traditional Basque cuisine, using high-quality ingredients and careful preparation. Our cuisine is simple, without complexities, focusing on the product and its origins, where raw materials and fire take center stage as driving forces for each dish.

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From the beginning, we have cultivated a unique connection between Basque tradition and Argentinean land. In our commitment to excellence, we have an organic garden in Buenos Aires that is more than just a green corner; it is the heart of our gastronomic philosophy. There, we plant seeds brought directly from the Basque Country with respect and care to preserve the authenticity of traditional Basque cuisine.


The Basque grill is the heart of Sagardi. It is a custom-made tool, the result of years of work and refinement, and a highly valued profession. Grilling requires practice, learning, and emotional intelligence to interpret times and temperatures. And if there's a king of the grill, it's the txuleton, a true institution in the Basque Country that Sagardi Group has successfully internationalized. It's a cut unique in the world that requires meticulous selection, and with the help of our meat selectors, we have been able to bring it to distant countries and cultures.


Sagardi Group is a strategic partner of the Euskadi Gastronomika Club de Basquetour, a concept created with the aim of reviving traditional Basque cuisine, with a special emphasis on selecting ingredients and products from artisanal and exclusive Basque producers and suppliers. The San Sebastian pintxos bar is one of the characteristic elements of popular Basque gastronomic culture. Small bites made with seasonal products, ideal for accompanying good wine among a group of friends. Pintxos are a tradition in the Basque Country, a way of relating, and a wonderful way to enjoy life.


Sagardi is born from the passionate dream of two Basque brothers, Iñaki and Mikel López de Viñaspre. From a young age, they learned to cook traditional and authentic Basque food from their "amona" (grandmother) in their small kitchen in Vitoria, the Basque Country. Our spaces are based on Basque "txokos" where Basque associates gather to cook, experiment with new cooking methods, eat, and socialize.


Every day, the best fresh wild fish from the main coasts of the Argentine Sea arrives at the Sagardi table to be grilled. The Argentine Sea is famous for its excellent fish. Pure sea and salt flavors that we cook with maximum respect and care.


The farmhouses are the heart of the abundant Basque orchard, diligent lands shaped by generations of hardworking farmers. Just like in Euskadi, in Argentina, we also have these producers, using organically grown vegetables and short processes. We do not use intermediaries, as our network of suppliers and friends is close.

Our Meat

As Basque chefs, we offer the concept of txuleton that Basque grill restaurants have perfected over many years. We select our red meats from young bulls and old, fat cows that are at the peak of flavor. Clean flavors that evoke the smell of earth, milk, and pasture, which maintain the taste and encourage us to keep eating without tiring the palate. In short, an honest, natural, and healthy product.